tiistai 15. huhtikuuta 2014


Nooo.. I tried to do the received cards post again but AGAIN it deleted itself!!! I'm so angry! Anyway, yesterday, I went shopping to the village centre charity shops. In the charity shop I found a childrens Thomas train book :D. It was only 50 p so I decided to buy it, and guess what I did with it? I made envelopes out of it! Please comment your favourite :) Here are the results of my work <3;
Here they are--> made 12 of them <3 :)

I really like this one, one of my favourites!

I like this one as well, haha :)

This one is all right :)

These two are all right as well :)

My favourite <3

This one is quite funny, I donkt know why ;D

Again, one of my favourites :)

I don't really like this, I would if there were no white stripe on the left hand side.

This one is all right :)

Haha, another favourite <3

This one is fine :)

Hope you liked them, please comment your favourite one! :)

maanantai 14. huhtikuuta 2014


Noooooo!!! I did a really long post of my received cards yesterday. However, I somehow managed to delete it all(basic me). Anyway, recently I did a swap with a german lady called Anne. I sent her two cards and this is what she sent to me!
108 Attention! Postcrosser stickers! What is my hair doing in that photo I ask? Anyway, as you can obviously see I've used some of these and they are really good if you want to stick them to your official Postcrossing cards, haha! What do you think? Do you like them?

Ps. I'll try to do a post of my received cards today (again).


sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

Sent Cards :)

Hi there! I've sent loads of cards last few weeks and here are some of them NOTE: when I moved the pictures from the camera to the computer the quality became very bad. Sorry about this:
Wow! What a good quality picture :DD
I sent this card via postcrossing to a nice girl from Ukraine called Viktoria. She especially wished for nature cards and forests, so I found a perfect card for her!
Again, a very good quality picture! :DD
This card as well was for Viktoria. The thing is I wrote 2 cards for her by accident. Oh well, I'll send her both of them :P
This is a swap card going to czech republic! :)
This card is going to a 9-year-old girl in Germany who absolutely "loooves hamsters"
And sorry again; quality 5/5
I'm sending this postcard also to germany. I'm sending it to a woman called Martina, who ownes many cats and loves cat postcards.
I've sent lots of animal postcards recently eh? Hehhe.
This one is a swap to belarus.
A card to Ireland to a woman who loves Gardening, Ponds and Flowers! Perfect!
This person wanted something from my culture, and I thought, what is something English that I could send? Then it just came in to my mind; CUPCAKES! I'm not sure if people know this already, but every day 5 o'clock English people drink tea with some cakes or biscuits. Usually, cupcakes! 
This person wished for beach postcards, and oh well, this was the only beach postcard that I had. I hope she will not hate me for this, as it looks quite unrealistic, doesn't it?

There you go then, my sent postcards... :)
What do you think?


I'm Back!

I'm probably doing three posts today, as I haven't done one fore ages, so here comes the first one! :)

I went to London with my family last Saturday and I bought 48 London postcard for £4. Wow! 48 for £4! I couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw this offer. Best of all, I've also got some 'coloursplash' postcards which seem to be very popular! Here they are!

keskiviikko 2. huhtikuuta 2014

Dear readers.

Sorry that I haven't been posting for a while. The reason for this is that I've always been taking the pictures with my grandma's camera, and at the moment, she is on holiday. When she comes back, though, I will really try to do a bigger post of my mail.


keskiviikko 26. maaliskuuta 2014


Because of the time lack, I can't upload images of my SENT LETTERS, for a year of so, regarding lack of time. However; I will still photograph my incoming letters and postcards, and outgoing postcards. I'm very sorry for this, but as my GCSE:s are approaching, I have to give them some more time, and unfortunately, my GCSE:s are much more important keeping my blog. I WILL still photograph my incoming letters and cards and my outgoing cards.

sunnuntai 9. maaliskuuta 2014

Postcards, Postcards, and even more POSTCARDS!

Recently iv'e been requesting loads of addresses... too much.
As you can probably soon see, i've requested 12 addresses!
Haha, this person didn't have any wishes, so i decided to send her a nice view of a rainforest :P

 This person especially wished flowers, and insects/animals.
 This person loved animals, and funny cards, so I sent her this.
 This person wished for where's wally cards, and as I didn't have any, I decided to stick a picture of 'where's wally ' to the back of the card. I will refresh this post soon, and I will put a picture of it, because I'm reaallly bad at explaining.
This is for a person who loves the sea and islands.

 This is for a person who loves fluffy animals
 Animals in general-was this persons' wish
 This person loved the beach and wanted beach postcards.
 Sorry for the bad pic. This person wanted nature postcards.
Aww.. I love this one, and I sent it to a person who was 'obsessed with dogs'.
This person wished fro 'sweet' cards :P